Pryor Rendering

October 13-16


Pryor Rendering


William Theatre – Tulsa Performing Arts Center

2nd and Cincinnati


American Theatre Company, Tulsa, and City Rep, in Oklahoma City,

will open their respective 2016-2017 seasons with the world premiere of a new Oklahoma musical based on the acclaimed novel by Oklahoma native Gary Reed.


Pryor Rendering has been adapted for the stage by Shawn Churchman with music composed by Frank Schiro.  The production is directed by N.Y. director Stephen Nachamie, She Loves Me – Broadway 2016, musical directed by Mark Miller and with scenery by Richard Ellis.


This very human and unique story is beautifully brought to life by it’s evocative and haunting score, (which is aurally found somewhere between “Violet” and “Floyd Collins”), and by a cast of colorful and utterly unique characters.


Pryor Rendering is the musical story of a young man coming of age and coming out in rural Oklahoma in the 60’s.  The production is truly MEO, made in Oklahoma. This Equity production will be a blend of the two theatre’s talent and skills. The production will open City Reps season in September and then open ATC’s season in October.


Pryor Rendering the story:


In Pryor Oklahoma during the 1960’s, the promise of heaven and the stench of decay mingle in the air as young Charlie Hope and his hard-drinking grandfather, and fundamentalist Pentecostal mother harbor secrets of desire, drink and  delusions.  Pryor Rendering is Charlie’s coming-of-age story, where choosing love and the truth that lives in his heart nearly renders his family to the bone.


We meet Charlie Hope at 12 years old, and learn that he’s trying in any way he can to connect to those who are supposed to love him the most.  Ida, Charlie’s mother, has a fierce and complicated relationship with Jesus, and it appears that she is much more dedicated to him than her only son.  Chick, Charlie’s grandfather and the only adult figure in his life, is more interested in the local bars and the local ladies than he is in Charlie.  To make matters worse, Charlie is confused and afraid of the feelings he’s have towards the local men and the boys at school.


By the time he is 17, with Chick now dead and Ida emotionally absent, Charlie feels alone and deserted.  He then meets Dewar, a tough kid who lives in the local home for orphaned boys.  These two outsiders find a common bond, and begin a deeply complex and somewhat frightening relationship neither of the boys can quite understand.  Charlie believes he’s met his soul  mate, but just as it seems he will find happiness, Dewar flees unexpectedly.


Again Charlie is alone, but now his anger hits the bottom, comfort and hope come from an unlikely source, summoning Charlie’s courage to reconcile with his mother.  Charlie and Ida attempt to address the damage and secrecy that marks their previous relationship.  At last free from the demons of his Pryor past, Charlie takes off  for a better life, and finds his emotional and spiritual home in the most unlikely of places.


Please join us for this exciting evening in the theatre.


Pryor Rendering is being presented in the Williams Theatre at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center, 2nd and Cincinnati, from October 13 – 16.  Evening performances are at 8:00 PM and matinee performances at 2:00 PM.  Tickets are $20 to $32.  For tickets call 918-596-7111 or go to

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