2018-2019 Season

Announcing our exciting 49th Season!

American Theatre Company is planning to thrill audiences again with and exciting blend of new, original and classic plays, including an Oklahoma Premiere by one of New York’s best new playwrights.  Make plans now to see all of these amazing productions.



October 5-13, Tulsa Performing Arts Center, Liddy Doenges Theatre – The Reckoning of Kit and Little Boots by Nat Cassidy

American Theatre Company is honored and thrilled to present the Oklahoma Premiere of The Reckoning of Kit and Little Boots by Nat Cassidy (Any Day Now).  In true theater of the absurd fashion, Cassidy’s rip­roaring metaphysical buddy comedy opens on the famous Elizabethan playwright, Christopher “Kit” Marlowe who has just been stabbed. While dying, he is visited by an apparition; the ghost of insane Roman Emperor Caligula (“Little Boots”). Caligula proceeds to walk Marlowe backwards through their respective histories thus exploring the power of infamy, mitigating the struggles of writing, and illuminating the universal human spirit in this witty and ultimately moving comedy.


December 7-23, 2018 Tulsa Performing Arts Center, John H. Williams Theatre – A Christmas Carol by Robert Odle and Richard Averill

In December American Theatre Company continues the holiday tradition and again brings the Tulsa original A Christmas Carol to the Williams stage at the Tulsa PAC.  Experience this joyous and opulent musical adaptation with book, lyrics and music by Tulsans Robert Odle and Richard Averill.  This heart-warming production traces the money-hoarding skinflint Ebenezer Scrooge’s triumphant overnight journey to redemption, illuminating the meaning of the holiday season in a way that has resonated for generations. Revisit or start you family tradition this December.


March 8-16, 2019 Tulsa Performing Arts Center, Liddy Doenges Theatre – R. U. R. by Karel Capek

American Theatre Company will present the Sci Fi classic R. U. R. by Karel Capek.  Capek created the term Robot when he wrote R.U.R. in 1921.  Rossum’s Universal Robots turns out millions of manufactured workmen with no souls, desires or feelings. Helena Glory, president of the Humanitarian League, comes to ascertain what can be done to improve their condition. Ten years later, due to Helena’s desire to have the Robots more like human beings, the head of the experimental department has secretly changed the formula, and there are enough to make ringleaders and a world revolt of Robots is under way. The rest of the play is magnificent melodrama, with the handful of human beings at bay while their own robots close in on them.

Playwright Karel Capek became a journalist and for a time stage manager of the theatre in Vinohrady. Though a writer of novels, visionary romances, travel books, stories, and essays, Capek is best known for his plays. His last plays, written just before the entry of Hitler into Czechoslovakia, deal with the rise of dictatorship and the terrible consequences of war.


May 31-June 8, 2019 Tulsa Performing Arts Center, Liddy Doenges Theatre – What The Butler Saw by Joe Orton

American Theatre Company will make you laugh in May, by presenting Joe Orton’s classic farce What the Butler Saw. Dr. Prentice, a psychiatric doctor in an exclusive private clinic, is attempting to interview (and seduce) an attractive would-be secretary, Geraldine. Unwittingly surprised by his wife, he hides the girl. The affairs multiply as Mrs. Prentice, being seduced and blackmailed by young bellhop Nicholas Beckett, has promised him the secretarial post. When a government inspector arrives, chaos, underpants, and cross-dressing lead the charge. The final tableau reveals “the missing parts of Winston Churchill” held aloft as the curtain falls.  Joe Orton’s career was short but prolific, lasting from 1964 until his death three years later. During this brief period he shocked, outraged, and amused audiences with his scandalous black comedies. The adjective Ortonesque is sometimes used to refer to work characterized by a similarly dark yet farcical cynicism.

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