June 4 – 15
Grades 6 through 12
This class will study the works of the Bard and his many contributions to the worlds of theatre and literature. Students will learn not only how to understand his words, but the joy of performing his stories. There will be an overview of History of the Theatre with emphasis on European Theatre and the development of the Globe Theatre in London. The class will use advanced Spolin Games which continue to develop more advanced skills for actors coupled with a performance of William Shakespeare’s works for friends and family at 5PM on the final day of camp.

June 18 – 29
Grades 6 through 12
This is an advanced class for students who want to really create a show of their own. Students will put together their own variety show or short play for the final Friday at 5pm by using their own great ideas and techniques they will learn. The study of performance art, sketch comedy, stand-up, Spolin games, and music will help to instill the idea that they are not just performing, but artists. This is a fun new adventure for young performers who want to push themselves as far as they can!

July 9 – 20
Age 8 – Grade 5
This class uses the Viola Spolin improvisation games which help students develop skills for growing actors. The Spolin technique is utilized by Chicago’s Second City as well as thousands of improv troupes worldwide. Students develop the script, costumes and sets for a short play or series of sketches which culminate in a performance for friends and relatives at 5PM on the last Friday. This is the beginning acting class that ATC pioneered in the 1970’s. It’s a great way to introduce a child to the world of theatre, help them build a sense of self confidence, and help them work in groups.

All 2018 Summer Classes are jointly taught by Jack Allen, Quinn Blakely, Jennifer Hertel , and Justin Tomlinson. Each a member of American Theatre Company, they bring a combined wealth of experience and perspective to teaching the art of theatre.

All classes are $250, with discounts for families enrolling more than one student or students taking multiple classes. Classes will be held @ Studio 308 in Downtown Tulsa at 308 South Lansing and will run from 9AM until 4PM. Students should bring their own lunches and two snacks as there will be no food or drink available for purchase on site. Call 918-747-9494 for more information.



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